Whether it’s a quick wax, a relaxing manicure and pedicure or rejuvenating spa treatment, the staff and facilities at Nice Nails are here to take care of you.

Experience how life feels in our hands!


Classic Manicure

  • Nails are shaped, hands are bathed in a warm soak and cuticle detail. Hands are finished with massage.

Paraffin Manicure

  • Special for dry and cracked skin. Hands are covered with several layers of warm paraffin wax in addition to the Classic Manicure.

Royal Manicure

  • An upgrade of the Classic Manicure with light sea salt exfoliation, longer massage, and wrapped with warm towel.

Paraffin Royal Manicure

  • In addition to the royal manicure, enjoy the paraffin treatment that helps relieve arthritis pain, muscles aches, and moisturizes dry skin.

Collagen Manicure

  • Nails are trimmed and shaped and bathed in a warm soak. Cuticles are groomed and conditioned followed by a Collagen Hand Mask treatment to heal skin with anti-aging benefits.

Shellac Manicure

  • Shellac is a gel polish that is long lasting and dries instantly. Shellac will be used instead of regular nail polish. Simply soaked off with acetone for removal.

Kid’s Manicure (Up to 11 yrs Old)

  • Nails are trimmed and reshaped, cuticles are groomed, hands are soaked in warm water, massaged, and finished with nails polish.

Manicure Extras

  • Extra Massage 10 mins
  • Paraffin Treatment
  • Sea Salt Exfoliation
  • Collagen Treatment
  • Nails Design
  • French Tip
  • Gel/Dip Removal
  • Gel Polish Change


Classic Pedicure

  • Cut and reshaped nails, cuticle detail, pumice pad, finished with massage and nails polished.

Royal Pedicure

  • An upgrade of the Classic Pedicure using higher quality products in addition to sea salt exfoliation, callus treatment, healing mineral mask, relaxing warm towel wrap, and extended massage.

Paraffin Royal Pedicure

  • This combination treatment includes the royal pedicure with a moisturizing paraffin wax treatment, a warm soothing touch with Vitamin E that helps relieve muscle aches.

Hot Stone Deluxe Pedicure

  • Pamper yourself with this relaxing pedicure that includes salt exfoliation, callus treatment, mineral mask, and moisturizing paraffin wax, in addition to a deep and longer hot stone massage to stimulate circulation.

Collagen Spa Pedicure

  • This uses premium collagen products to heal and boost the health of nails and skin. The crystal soak detoxes skin, sugar scrub tones and renews, collagen mask protects moisture, and the serum leaves your skin silky smooth. This pedicure also includes the paraffin wax treatment. * With your choice of product scent.

CBD Luxury Pedicure

  • Our best pedicure treatment with CBD is an excellent way to pamper your feet and legs. CBD-infused products with rejuvenating antioxidants help alleviate muscle aches and pains. This pedicure includes all of our treatments. Each step is unique and together exfoliate, moisturize, cleanse, and relieve stress. This pedicure also includes the paraffin wax treatment and extended hot stone massage.

Shellac Pedicure

  • Shellac is a gel polish that is long lasting and dries instantly. Shellac will be used instead of regular nail polish.

Kid’s Pedicure (Up to 11 yrs old)

  • A soak in our spa chair, trimming and reshaping of the nails, pumice pad, finished with massage and nails polished.

Pedicure Extras

  • Collagen Treatment
  • Extra Massage 10 mins
  • French or American Polish
  • Nail Design
  • Extra Callus Remover
  • Hot Stone Massage
  • Paraffin Treatment
  • Sea Salt Treatment
  • Gel Polish Take-Off
  • Gel Polish Change
  • Polish Change
  • Express Pedicure
  • Gel Polish


  • White/Color Tips
  • Pink & White Powder
  • Glitter/Color Powder
  • Pink & White Ombre
  • Color Ombre
  • Acrylic with Gel Polish
  • Acrylic
  • Solar
  • Dip Powder
  • Gel Liquid
  • Silk Wrap


  • Eye Brows Waxing
  • Lip
  • Chin
  • Underarms
  • Facial Waxing
  • Half Legs Waxing
  • Half Arms Waxing